There are many features that are distinctive to Pug puppies. However, the features they are most recognized for is their large round head, well defined wrinkles on the face and forehead, and their short black muzzle.

Their muzzle, in particular, is exceptionally short, flat and square. That being said, it does not give the Pug an up-faced appearance. The mouth of the Pug breed is slightly undershot and they have a wide bottom jaw. The jaw features a complete set of teeth that are set in a perfect scissor bite.

Aside from their obvious distinctions, Pug puppies are also known for their large, dark orb-like eyes. Their eyes are usually quite shiny, especially when they are excited, but they convey a very happy, gentle and soulful expression.

Next, what you will likely notice on Pug puppies are their tiny, thin, velvety soft ears. The ears come in two different shapes: “button” or “rose”. The button styled ears fold forward and the tips of the ears cover the ear opening, lying close to the dog’s head. The rose styled ears on the other hand fold over and then back so that they reveal the burr.

Pugs have strong, thick necks that resemble a crest because of its small arch. The neck is long enough to allow the Pug to carry his head proud. The neck extends into the short bodies of Pug puppies. Although short, the body is well ribbed and is equipped with a wide chest and a topline that is completely level. Their shoulders slope nicely and flow into their powerful straight front legs, which closely resemble their back legs. The Pug’s feet are round and straight. Their toes are separated and well defined and the nails are black.

The backend of Pug puppies extends into their tail that forms a single tight curl. The tail is carried high and rests over the hip.

Finally, the last distinctive feature you will notice on a Pug is their coat. The coat is short and very fine. It is exceptionally soft and has a very glossy sheen. The coat comes in a variety of colors that include apricot, fawn, black and silver. Regardless of the coat color of Pug puppies each shade should be defined clearly.

Keep all of these characteristics in mind when you go looking at Pug puppies to ensure what you are getting is a purebred dog.