As soon as you welcome your Pug dogs home and into your family, you should make it a priority to register your dog. Why? There are many benefits associated with dog registration such as:

  • Greatly improves your chances of finding a lost dog – Pug dogs that have a licensed tag are more likely to be reunited with their owners compared to dogs without a license. When a dog is registered and is reported missing, it is much easier for the animal service you are registered with to locate you.
  • Well worth the money – It does cost money to register your dog. Depending on where you live this fee may be annual or it may be a one time expense. Regardless of the policy, if your Pug dogs go missing and are found by the animal service they are registered with, you won’t be charged any fees if you retrieve the dog from them right away. However, if the dog isn’t registered and animal services found your dog, you’d be charged an impounding fee as well as an additional boarding fee. Not to mention, if you really love your dog, can you put a price on his safety and wellbeing?
  • Registration fees go a long way – dog registration fees are often put to good use in communities. For instance, depending on where you live, the money you pay to register your Pug dogs may go towards covering the expenses of:
  • Protection from dogs that are dangerous
  • Emergency care for stray animals found injured
  • Care and a warm shelter for dogs who are lost
  • Investigation of dog attack
  • Educating the public and spreading awareness


Check out what the regulations are for licensing your dog in your area, and make sure that when your Pug dogs are licensed that he wears his tags at all times, especially when he is outside.