Pug care is something that will become more and more familiar to you the longer you are with your dog. As he grows and develops, you will learn his habits and his personality. Eventually, you will come to learn his ways so well, that it will become easier for you to detect when there is something not right with your Pug.

There are many different ways you can get to know the habits of your Pug, but the best way is to establish a daily Pug Care routine for your dog. A daily routine can include set times when you:

  • Feed your dog (IE. once in the morning, once in the evening)
  • The amount you feed your dog
  • Walk your dog (IE. morning, noon and night)
  • Groom your dog
  • Put your dog to bed at night. Note: your dog will go to sleep when you do.

Your daily pug care routine should not include when you play with your dog, as this is something that should be done sporadically throughout the day whenever you get the chance.

Once your dog becomes used to his routine, it is not in his nature to break away from it, unless you initiate the change. Therefore, should your dog begin to suddenly act strangely and divert from his usual routine on his own, this is a good indication something may be wrong.

Should you notice a change in you Pug, as part of pug care, the following are the various symptoms of dog illness that you should watch for:

  • Your Pug displays loss of appetite or eats miniscule portions than is normal for more than a day.
  • Excessive drinking
  • Lethargy
  • Dog reacts to pain when he is touched or moved
  • Bleeding from the mouth, nose, rectum or genitals
  • Unable to defecate or urinate, or shows stress when trying to perform any of these natural functions

If you recognize any of these behaviors in your pug, seek immediate Veterinarian pug care. Your dog’s life could be in serious danger.

When you are aware of your Pug’s habits, you’ll be able to pick up on an illness faster. This will provide you with the chance to get your dog the care he needs at early signs of a health problem. Early illness detection is a type of Pug care that in most cases turns out to be a life saver.